What's so special about Eco Boom diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2022-08-04

Eco Boom Bamboo Diapers are made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo fiberboard with FSC certified wood pulp to absorb all liquids. Sustainably sourced materials ensure that the diapers are extremely soft and highly absorbent. Soft front tape provides quieter release when changing overnight. The ultra-breathable back panel made of 100% bamboo fiber allows fresh air to circulate and keeps your baby's skin dry.

The moisture indicator lets you know when it's time to change your baby's diaper. The diapers contain no ink, fragrance or latex, keeping our babies safe from harmful, unnecessary chemicals. These diapers are SGS certified to biodegrade 70.1% within 147 days.

Bamboo is an extraordinary and versatile natural resource. It grows 30 times faster than trees, making it a more sustainable resource for consumables like diapers. Bamboo can grow to one meter overnight. The Eco Boom Bamboo Diaper features a 100% biodegradable non-woven bamboo top and backsheet. Here are more benefits of using bamboo in diapers: ?? Bamboo itself is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antifungal. ?? Super breathable for baby. ?? It has thermal regulation. So your baby is warm in winter and cool in summer. ??Bamboo is highly absorbent. ?? Fast wicking, which means your baby can stay dry for longer.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use viscose made of bamboo, which is soft to the touch but very strong and absorbent.

Does it help with odors?

Absolutely! Our top and bottom layers are made from Bamboo's perforated viscose for odor-resistant and more breathable properties. Perfect for your little brat!

What makes them a better choice for parents and children?

Our diapers don't have all the nasty stuff...

Contains no chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfume, PVC, lotions, TBT or phthalates. They don't have prints, so there's no need to worry about unnecessary inks (chemicals).

As we are also a wholesale diapers suppliers, we welcome bulk order inquiries. We also warmly welcome you to be one of ECO BOOM diapers wholesale distributors and dealers, if you are interested in our brand.                                

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