What is the principle of the urine display function of diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-14

The size must be suitable for the baby's body shape. The size of diapers can be divided into five types: newborn, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Mommy must pay attention to whether it fits the baby's body shape, especially the elastic grooves on the legs and waist. Make sure it's too tight, otherwise it will strangle your baby's skin. Remind Mommy that sometimes the size of diapers may not be exactly the same, and may vary with different manufacturers and brands. Mommy may wish to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package, or exchange it with a friend first, and then use it if you feel suitable. Choose more for your baby. You can use diapers with a concave navel cut for newborn babies to avoid navel infection. the
Comparing traditional diapers with paper diapers alone, in terms of air permeability, of course, traditional diapers are better, and much better, because they only have cloth and no water-proof substances. But it is very unfair to use such comparison results to judge the pros and cons of the two. Because when using traditional diapers, people usually use a layer of water-proof things on the outer layer of the diaper: plastic paper that is absolutely airtight. So, it's only fair that we should compare the 'full version' of a traditional diaper with this layer and no breathability at all. (Good) Non-woven diapers are lined with materials that only let air in and out but not water molecules, so although the air permeability cannot be compared with pure cloth, it is better than the 'full version' traditional diapers. much better. However, people often overlook the fairness of this comparison, leading to the phenomenon of leaning towards traditional diapers.
What is the principle of the urine display function of diapers? At present, the more mainstream ones are hot-melt urine display glue technology and ink urine display technology. Hot-melt urine-visible glue: urine-visible glue is produced by the organic combination of hot-melt adhesive and substances that are color-sensitive to pH. The urine gel is coated on the side of the bottom film facing the core layer in the form of lines. When the urine soaks the core layer, it is transmitted to the surface of the urine gel, causing the pH value to change, which leads to a change in color and achieves the effect of urine gel. Visual monitoring function.

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