What are the principles for choosing diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-10

The advancement of science and technology can usually bring us a better life. If you ask mommy what is the best invention of human beings, they will definitely say - diapers. In the 1960s, the world's first diapers were launched in the United States, which made mothers start a new way of parenting. Diapers can not only provide a dry environment for the baby's skin, so that they can enjoy more adequate sleep, but also liberate mommy from tedious and repetitive labor, so that they have time to work hard and have energy to enjoy life.

It is very important to choose the right baby diapers for the baby, because the baby wears the same diapers every day. The diapers that fit the body are not only comfortable but also effective in preventing leakage, so that the baby can wear them comfortably and move freely.

To choose the right size, how do you know what size your baby wears? Leakage, red marks, gaps, or a diaper that looks like a 'bikini' all mean that the diaper is not the right fit. Pay attention to the above characteristics and the weight chart on the diaper packaging can help you choose according to the baby's age and stage. If your baby's weight is close to the upper limit of the scale, you may consider changing to a new size.

In summer, babies drink more water and urinate more frequently. Choose diapers with fast absorption speed, which can reduce the contact time of urine with the skin, keep the surface of the diapers dry, and make it less likely to leak urine. In addition, the material of the absorbent layer of the diaper should also be designed to effectively lock in moisture, so that the urine does not seep back after it is absorbed, so that the baby will not be disturbed by the wet diaper and cannot sleep peacefully. In summer, the frequency of changing diapers can be appropriately increased, about once every 4 hours. the

A good fit also depends on the shape of the diaper. When you open a piece of diaper, if the ribbon cutting around the legs is a streamlined design, the baby will be more comfortable and close to the body when wearing it for activities, and it will be less likely to cause side leakage.

Generally speaking, diapers are composed of three main parts: surface cover layer, absorbent core layer and base fabric

1. The main function of the absorbent core layer is to capture and quickly absorb urine, disperse urine or diffuse it into the entire core layer through capillary action, and finally absorb and store urine. At present, the absorbent core layer of diapers in the domestic market is mainly a layered structure composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and super absorbent resin (SAP). 2. The surface covering layer is close to the baby's body. Its main function is to ensure the rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent back seepage, so as to keep the surface of the diaper dry. The diapers in the domestic market are basically non-woven fabric surface layer. The breathable non-woven fabric can improve the air permeability inside the diaper, and the water vapor can flow out of the diaper, and the moisture and heat can be discharged in time, effectively reducing the chance of diaper rash , soft and comfortable without irritating the skin.

3. Base fabric Many foreign diapers have used non-woven fabrics that feel more comfortable and breathable, and the market price is relatively high. The base fabric of domestic diapers is still mainly composed of PE plastic film, and the air permeability is relatively poor.

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