Under normal circumstances, it is better to choose a more suitable diaper for the baby.

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-09

In general, it is better to choose a more suitable diaper for the baby. Although diapers have model restrictions, each model has a certain weight range, so you should find diapers that are suitable for your baby's weight. A size that is too large is prone to urine leakage, and a size that is too small will cause rewet because the urine retained is more than the diaper can bear, and the diaper that is too tight will damage the baby's delicate skin. Comparing traditional diapers with paper diapers alone, in terms of air permeability, of course, traditional diapers are better, and much better, because they only have cloth and no water-proof substances. But it is very unfair to use such comparison results to judge the pros and cons of the two. Because when using traditional diapers, parents usually add a layer of completely impermeable water-proof material to the outer layer of the diaper. Therefore, it is only fair to compare the 'full version' of traditional diapers and diapers with this layer that has no breathability at all. (Okay) The diapers are made of non-woven fabric, and the lining is made of materials that only let air in and out but not water molecules, so although the air permeability cannot be compared with pure cloth, it is better than the 'full version' traditional diapers. much better. However, people often overlook the fairness of this comparison, leading to the phenomenon of leaning towards traditional diapers.

When changing diapers, you should have a clean diaper, diaper cream or petroleum jelly, a soft towel, and a small basin of warm water on hand. Be sure to have everything in place before you start, and never leave baby alone on the changing table! Remove wet diapers first. If it's just wet, just replace it without cleaning the genital area. If the diaper is still stained with stool, the child's bottom should be cleaned with a washcloth and warm water. There is no need to use soap unless the child has diarrhea and washing with water alone is not enough. When necessary, use mild soap (even mild soap will strip away important natural oils from your child's skin). Then, apply ointment or petroleum jelly, and put on clean diapers. Due to the inconvenient and unhygienic use of traditional diapers, disposable diapers have come into being and have been loved by new parents in recent years. Disposable diapers are easy to carry, do not need to be cleaned, and are easy to replace, but they are allergic to skin. The baby must be replaced frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause the baby to have red buttocks.

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