Toddler baby diapers choose comfort and freedom of movement

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-29

1. Elastic design, fit snugly
During this period, more attention should be paid to all-round comfort. Diapers with elastic design can well cooperate with the baby's movement and allow the baby to move freely. You can choose diapers with elastic design, or consider pants-shaped diapers that are more active for babies, easy to put on and take off, and more three-dimensional fit, so that babies can easily explore the world.
If the baby moves a lot, if the design of the diapers does not fit the body, leakage or side leakage during activities is likely to occur. Good-quality diapers, in addition to the elastic design of the waist, also have an elastic design on the waist sticker. This design is convenient for mothers to adjust the tightness suitable for the baby's waist size at will, making it more comfortable to wear. For babies in this period, he needs the fit of diapers more so that he can move more freely.
2. Fast absorption, comfortable and leak-proof
As the baby grows older, the baby's food intake also begins to increase, and the amount of excretion also increases. Choose diapers with fast absorption and large absorption capacity, which can quickly absorb the baby's poo and pee, reduce the time that the baby's skin is in contact with urine, and do not disturb the baby's play. Diapers with good quality and strong absorption function can give full play to their effects at night, allowing babies to sleep better

Toddler period (after 13 months): comfortable elastic, easy to put on and take off
When a baby takes his first steps into the world, it indicates that his independence and self-awareness are gradually maturing. Bloated diapers will seriously affect the baby's activities, while diapers that are too small and tight are likely to wear the skin on his inner thighs. During this period, when purchasing diapers, mothers should consider whether the elastic design of the diapers can meet the needs of the baby's freedom of movement. During this period, the baby begins to become disobedient and move around when changing diapers. Choosing pants-type diapers that can be put on and taken off freely can help mothers quickly change the diapers for the baby, and there is no need to put the baby on the bed to 'fight wits' with the baby Brave!'

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