The temperature is high in summer, babies need to pay attention to safety when using diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-03
Summer is here, and the weather is hot. Thick diapers not only make babies feel like wearing cotton clothes, but also easily breed bacteria. How to make babies use diapers safely in summer has become a problem for many new mothers.

Imported diapers cannot be sold without Chinese labels. At the beginning of May, Ms. Liu complained to the 12315 Center of the Fuyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau. She bought a pack of Kao diapers from a baby product store on Chunqiu North Road. of. More than 10 days later, Ms. He also reported to the industry and commerce department that she bought Kao diapers at a baby products store on Sunquan Road, and there was a serious odor after disassembly and use. After mediation, both stores quickly returned the goods to consumers.

Recently, law enforcement officers from the Dayuan Industrial and Commercial Office of the Fuyang Industrial and Commercial Branch inspected the diapers sold in three baby and child product stores in Dayuan Town. In a maternity and baby products store, it was found that 3 bags of Kao training pants and 1 bag of Kao diapers had no Chinese labels. The store failed to provide the customs declaration certificate and inspection report for the batch of products on site. The industrial and commercial personnel temporarily withheld these defective diapers.

The safety and health indicators, appearance, packaging, and identification of imported diapers must comply with the provisions of my country's 'Sanitary Standards for Disposable Sanitary Products' (GB15979-2002), and there must be Chinese labels on the product packaging, indicating the place of origin, importer, Chinese Instructions for use, implementation standards, production date and shelf life (expiration date) or production batch number and limited use date, name and content of main ingredients, etc., diapers without Chinese labels are not allowed to be sold in the market.

Improper use of diapers can damage the baby’s skin. In mid-February, Mr. Zhang reported to the 12315 Center of the Fuyang Industry and Commerce Bureau that after buying several cans of milk powder from a baby product in Dayuan Town, the store gave away a pack of diapers, and developed an allergy after using them. On May 1, Ms. Ye reported that the purchased diapers were exposed to the sun and used by children to cause eczema. After mediation by the industry and commerce, the store offered a replacement.

Diapers are used next to the baby. Although they are convenient, improper use can damage the baby's skin, and in severe cases, it can cause diaper rash and other problems. Baby wearing diapers will form a humid environment, which is not conducive to skin health, so it is not suitable to wear them for a long time. After taking off the diapers, do not immediately replace them with new ones. The skin should be properly ventilated to keep the skin dry. During the daytime in summer, it is best not to wear diapers for the baby. Before using diapers at night, it is best to apply a thin layer of water-proof cream on the baby's buttocks. If your baby poops, change the diaper immediately and wipe or wash your baby's bottom. If your baby's skin appears abnormal after using diapers, stop using them immediately and consult a doctor. The diapers should be placed out of the reach of the baby to prevent the baby from eating the diapers or the packaging bag by mistake. After the diaper package is opened, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and dust or small insects should not be mixed into the packaging bag. Do not place the diapers near high temperature or warm air appliances, and do not expose the diapers directly to the sun, otherwise it may invalidate the wetness display of the diapers.

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