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by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-04

Choose diapers with good absorption properties, otherwise the baby's butt will be wet and easily cause diaper rash.

Can the current diapers function as a protective layer?

When choosing diapers, experienced mothers are most worried about whether the non-proof cloth layer that clings to the baby's buttocks can effectively block the stimulation of urine on the baby's buttocks. It is worth noting that high-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to this layer of non-woven fabric to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients.

Does mother need to choose diapers according to the season?

I believe that all mothers have the experience and experience of using sanitary napkins. There is no product that can ensure sufficient ventilation and high water absorption. Therefore, after each excretion of the baby, the diapers must be changed in time, and the dirty diapers should not be attached to the baby's buttocks for a long time. A reminder, the baby's excretion is very irregular, and no matter how careful the mother is, it is impossible to control the baby's excretion status at any time. Therefore, when choosing diapers, you should not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption strength, but also pay attention to the baby's skin and summer. According to the characteristics of the climate, choose light and breathable diapers for your baby. Can the water absorption of diapers give babies high-quality sleep?

Research data show that the use of high-quality disposable diapers with strong water absorption capacity and low rewet can provide a baby with a fully dry environment for the skin of the buttocks, so that the baby will not always feel wet and uncomfortable, thus reducing the risk of diapers caused by wet urine. The number of wake-ups is consistent, and the sleep time is longer than that of babies wearing traditional diapers, which helps babies sleep more soundly.

Does your child suffer from diaper rash after using diapers?

A child suffers from diaper rash, a specific type of contact dermatitis that is mainly caused by improper use of diapers. In terms of nursing, you should first choose diapers with better quality, better air permeability, and no reverse osmosis; and change them frequently, especially not let the baby's buttocks soak in feces, and keep the part dry.

How to choose suitable high-quality diapers?

Facing the dazzling array of diapers on the market, it takes a lot of thought to choose suitable and high-quality diapers. The most reliable principle is to go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets and other reputable retail places to buy, and at the same time remember to choose products from well-known companies. Before buying, read the instructions carefully to see if it meets the above two aspects. If it is spring and summer, be careful not to buy thicker ones suitable for autumn and winter.

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