The difference between diapers and pull-up pants

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-02
1?? Applicable to different ages. Babies of younger months are more suitable for wearing diapers, because they urinate more frequently, while older babies can choose pull-up pants in addition to diapers, because they are more lively and good at this stage Sometimes they don't cooperate with the mother's replacement, and they use pull-up pants. They don't need to 'violently coerce' them to change, and they can be easily done by simply taking off and pulling. 2? Different ways of putting on and taking off Diapers need the baby to lie on the bed to change, while the pull-up pants can let the baby stand, just like wearing a small nk. When wearing diapers, you should constantly adjust the tightness of the Velcro to make the diaper fit the baby better and be more comfortable to wear. Lala pants do not need to be pasted with Velcro (some brands of lala pants have stickers on both sides, you can directly tear off the stickers and take off the lala pants, and for lala pants without stickers, you can also seal the sides of the waist. ripped to take off the zip-up pants). 3?? Different usage needs When the older baby starts to learn to crawl, learn to walk, and defecate by himself, using pull-up pants is a convenient and comfortable choice. The design of pants is also different from that of diapers. The pull-up pants are more close-fitting and elastic, and will not strangle the bottom of the baby's thigh, thereby reducing friction and stimulating the baby's skin, allowing the baby to move more freely. And when you go out, using diapers may not be able to be replaced due to the restrictions of the venue, but using pull-up pants will not have this trouble. The most important point is that when the baby is learning to walk, it is recommended that mothers change to pull-up pants, because bloated diapers are not suitable for babies who are more active, it will affect the baby's toddler, and it is easy to cause the baby to be O-shaped. leg. Pull-up pants are more expensive than diapers. From an economic point of view, Baoma can try to use pull-up pants and diapers alternately, using pull-up pants during the day and diapers at night; using diapers at home, choose pull-up pants when going out. There is a big difference between pull-up pants and diapers, because this is a product for babies at different stages, so don’t confuse them! Tips: How to choose pull-up pants? 1. Look at the material, be sure to choose dry or soft cotton . 2. Look at the waistline, the shape of the small nk, and pay more attention to the elasticity of the waistline to avoid strangling the baby. The specific size should be purchased according to the baby's situation. 3. Look at the brand. The first is to rest assured, and secondly, it involves many details, such as absorption speed, absorption, urine display, pattern, etc. Each brand has its own advantages, Baoma can choose according to the baby's situation .
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