The difference between diapers and diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-01
What is the difference between diapers and diapers? Many mothers still think that diapers and diapers are the same item. But in fact, they are two different products. If mothers still don’t understand, let’s take a look with the editor! Diapers are like panties, and there are buttons at both ends of the crotch; and diapers are not wet, like women’s sanitary napkins . In terms of function, they are not much different, but in terms of comfort, diapers are better than diapers, but they are not as breathable as diapers. Breathability: Diapers are the best, followed by wet diapers and diapers. Breathability is one of the key points to prevent red buttocks. Coupled with baby butt cream, it can prevent red buttocks very well. Of course, timely replacement is the most important thing. In order to prevent red buttocks, some mothers use diapers for their babies during the day and diapers or diapers at night. Water absorption: diapers are about the same as diapers, and diapers are the worst. In addition, diapers and diapers are disposable, and throw away after use, which saves trouble but is not economical; diapers can be washed and used repeatedly, and because of poor water absorption, they should be changed frequently, otherwise the urine will seep everywhere, which is inconvenient. But the economy. Diaper knowledge: In order to fix the child's diaper, you can put a loose elastic band on the lower abdomen of the child, and put the diaper under the elastic band. The elastic band should be changed frequently with the development of the baby. Baby skin, causing infection.
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