How to keep your butt clean and hygienic

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-02

The use of diapers greatly reduces the burden on young parents and saves a lot of time. It is convenient, hygienic and fast, all of which are its characteristics. Parents can spare the time spent washing diapers, have more parent-child interactions with their babies, and increase parent-child intimacy. However, any brand of diapers cannot be used for a long time. The company recommends that mothers should change their baby's diapers regularly or according to actual needs. Every time they change, they should use wet paper towels or warm and damp soft towels to wipe clean the baby's small buttocks. Apply nappy balm or petroleum jelly, and then put on clean diapers to keep the butt clean and hygienic. And no matter how good the air permeability of diapers is, wearing them for a long time will have an impact on the baby's skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use cloth diapers during the day after the warm spring and summer and autumn, and use diapers at night and when going out , which can keep the baby's butt dry, use it at night can let the baby sleep until dawn, and use it outside without worrying about the baby getting cold from wet pants.

In addition, there are mothers who share their experience. Newborns use diapers when they are in the hospital or when they go out, and diapers at home. When choosing diapers, you should also choose ones with good air permeability, ultra-thin and absorbent, so that your baby will feel comfortable wearing them. Newborns have a lot of meconium and it is difficult to clean up. Mothers should change the baby’s stool frequently, and wash the butt with warm water after replacement, so that the baby will not have red butt.

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