How to choose summer diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-03

It must be lighter and thinner to help children exercise. At the same time, the thinner product will contain more water-absorbing resin, and the thicker product will contain more fluff pulp. The thickness of the diaper will not affect the absorption capacity, so try to choose light and thin. some. The child will also be more comfortable.

better air permeability
When the baby is wet, the diapers with good air permeability can transmit the heat and moisture in the baby's urine. Mothers can reach out and touch the diapers, and the outside of the diapers is damp! Diapers with better air permeability will not make the baby's butt red. At present, most of the diapers are made of non-woven fabrics. The key depends on the quality of non-woven fabrics. Good quality has higher natural air permeability. Here It is still necessary to look for brand-name diapers. Buying channels should also be purchased through formal channels.

The baby's skin, especially the newborn's skin is very delicate, and is easily stimulated by pee and poop to cause skin allergies, so the dryness of diapers is very important.

Good diapers use a brand-new core body, which absorbs faster, can make the baby's urine completely absorbed in an instant, reduces the time for urine to exist on the surface of the diaper, and locks the urine on the inner layer, while the outer layer The urine flows completely into the inner layer, and the baby's skin has no chance to come into contact with more urine, keeping it dry and clean.

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