Guangdong Diaper Ranking | Evolution of Diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-22

Maybe you don't believe that at the beginning of human birth, there was the concept of using 'diapers', but the diapers at that time were completely different from those of today's diapers. At that time, the baby used 'diapers' made of 'pure natural materials', such as certain plant leaves, animal skins, or folded weeds and moss. Although it is impossible to verify how often the ancients changed their 'diapers' for babies, it is generally believed that it is good to change them once every three or four days. In the cold place, in order to keep warm, babies are often wrapped in blankets, and these blankets are the original 'diapers'. In some tropical areas, people rarely use 'diapers'. Mothers predict when their babies will excrete, and then take the babies outside to eat to prevent soiling the abode. Later, a mother in the United States thought that although this disposable diaper was very useful, it could not solve the problem of urine soaking, so she thought that a waterproof layer could be added under the diaper or disposable diaper, and applied for a patent. Achieved another reactionary great progress.
After years of painstaking research and development, the disposable diapers immediately stood out in 1968, and the many innovations in the product even became the industry standard. For example, the triangular design is introduced for the first time, which fits the baby's body very well. The new water-absorbent material and the sticky buckle have the advantages of tailoring to the body and convenient fixing. But it's still not a perfect product, and many mothers complain that when their babies stand up or play, they still leak urine. In order to let the baby play more enjoyable, the high-end diapers of Quqi came into being. At that time, Xunqi diapers won the favor of many mothers with their innovative and high-end design. The more suitable tailoring, elastic leg design and reusable buckle can better prevent side leakage and rear leakage, allowing babies to wear More warm and considerate!

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