Guangdong baby diaper supplier | Baby's sleep quality is related to feeding methods

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-22

Babies' sleep quality linked to feeding methods

Many mothers artificially disturb the baby's sleep because they are worried about the baby's wet urine at night and repeatedly flip the baby. On the one hand, the baby will wake up even if the baby is not wet. It directly affects the baby's sleep quality, and the basic reason why the mother frequently flips the baby at night to check whether the baby is wet is worrying that the diapers cannot absorb the baby's urine many times, and the baby's buttocks will be damaged by bacteria if it is in contact with urine for a long time.

Guangdong baby diaper suppliers are specially satisfied with the diapers used by babies at night:

It must have the ability of instantaneous suction diversion and fractional absorption, which can absorb the baby's urine and urine volume for many times (the number of times a baby urinates in the dark before 1 year old is usually 3-4 times, and the total amount usually does not exceed 300ml)

It must have antibacterial effect, because the baby's urine is in a warm and humid environment, it is easy to contact with the oxygen in the air to breed bacteria, and the bacteria may damage the baby, especially for female babies, because the vagina of female babies is the most sensitive ( It is recommended to change diapers without antibacterial effect every 3 hours, while diapers with antibacterial effect can be changed overnight, usually no more than 12 hours)

Optimal elastic waist for a better fit. Diapers with no elastic waistline may tighten (strangle) the inner thighs of the baby easily because the baby’s wet parts are heavier after the baby urinates and the baby has the characteristic of turning over repeatedly when sleeping at night. It is best to choose a waistline with ventilation holes, so that it can discharge the heat

There must be a leak-proof hem, so that the bed will not be full of baby's pee

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