Evolution of baby diapers from one to three generations

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-31

The core key technology of diapers is the 'core body'. From a technical point of view, the core body of diapers has experienced three revolutions: the first was the birth of disposable diapers half a century ago; the second was the application of polymer water-absorbent materials in diapers in the 1980s. The liquid absorption performance of the product is fully guaranteed, and the second-generation core is generally used by mainstream brands in the market.

However, this type of traditional core still has certain technical limitations in terms of absorption speed, anti-reverse osmosis degree, thickness, and strength and toughness of the core, so that problems such as baby's red buttocks, reverse osmosis and side leakage have not yet been fully resolved.

Diaper manufacturers at home and abroad are stepping up the research and development of a thinner, more guaranteed liquid-absorbent diaper, and a drier surface, and some semi-mature products are constantly being launched on the market.

Until the second half of 2012, the E-core phased diaper series was launched, announcing that the third core technology innovation has entered the stage of mature application. This kind of core body has higher absorption efficiency and stronger toughness, and comprehensively solves the major problems of the traditional second-generation core body.

Some commentators said that the advent of 'E-core' technology symbolizes the development of the diaper industry into a new era. This is the first time that a Chinese company has taken the lead in the technology competition in the entire industry since the invention of diapers in the West.

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