ECO BOOM teaches you the 'soft way' to catch your baby in separate beds and separate rooms!

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-17
Children will eventually sleep alone, so all we can do is make this separation as harmless as possible. Look at the time, the earlier the easier it is to achieve The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation in 2016 that before the baby is 1 year old, it should be in the same room as the parents in a different bed. Studies have shown that this can significantly reduce the probability of sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, experts generally recommend that when you are 0-3 years old, you should sleep in different beds in the same room; when you are 3-6 years old, start sleeping in separate rooms. Although there is no authoritative definition of how many years old must be completed at the latest, it has to be said that as the child grows older, the difficulty index of sleeping in separate beds will be higher. Look at the state and ask yourself 4 'whethers' In addition, there is a very important point, which is to look at the state of the baby, you and your husband. In other words, instead of struggling with the specific bed/room time, it is better to ask yourself 4 “nos”: ① Has the baby established a secure attachment (ie: parents leave without worrying about whether their parents don’t love them)? ② Baby room Is it safe enough for the baby to sleep alone? ③Is the baby’s self-care ability strong? For example, sleep peacefully at night, do not kick the quilt, etc. ④Have you and your other half already affected your “sex” life by sleeping with the baby? Combining the two aspects of time and state, do you instantly feel that the judgment result is more reasonable?
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