Dos and Don'ts of Baby Care

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-01

Babies' bodies are very delicate, especially small babies. Sometimes I really don't know how to hold them properly. New parents must have this experience. Many people dare not even move their children casually, worrying that the wrong method will cause physical damage to their children. wait. Therefore, here is a special introduction to some common sense in baby care. Let's talk to you about what you should pay attention to when nursing a baby.
When applying talcum powder after bathing the baby, care should be taken not to fall on the umbilicus, so as to avoid chronic omphalitis caused by long-term stimulation.
Butt (knowledge of wiping baby's butt)
Butt work is a lot and can cause diaper dermatitis if not careful. When choosing diapers, you should choose cloth diapers and paper diapers respectively. Generally speaking, cloth diapers are more close-fitting, breathable, economical and environmentally friendly, and are convenient to use during sunny days and summers. Diapers can be very convenient on rainy days and nights. After defecation, wash the buttocks with warm water, especially for children with diarrhea. When drying the skin with a towel, gently absorb the water instead of wiping the skin back and forth, so as not to damage the delicate skin. Perineal and perianal skin.
Some parents often forget to change diapers, especially when using paper diapers. They think that paper diapers have good water absorption and it does not matter if they are used for a longer period of time, but diaper rash often occurs on these babies. The solution is to work hard and keep the area dry. Cloth diapers should be exposed to the sun frequently to kill bacteria. In addition, after the child has just changed the diaper or just after convenience, let the buttocks dry naturally for a while, and don't wrap it up immediately.
It is worth noting that:
Young parents should learn some scientific parenting knowledge. For babies, they can choose new cotton cloth with soft texture and strong water absorption as diapers, or choose disposable 'diapers'. Gently wash the vulva and anus, and then dry them gently with sterile soft toilet paper, so that the occurrence of anal fistula can be well prevented.

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