Domestic brand diapers are more comfortable and cost-effective

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-04

With the upgrading of the quality of Chinese manufacturing, it is still unknown whether the differentiation brought about by Japanese manufacturing can continue to maintain its advantages. Japanese baby diaper products, including Unicharm and Kao, have hidden concerns about their prospects in China. In this regard, Kao President Michitaka Sawada said that the quality of local diapers in China is improving. 'It used to be 50-60 points, but now it has reached a level of more than 90 points.'

It is reported that my country is currently at the leading level in the world in the research and development and production of new materials for diapers. Whether it is lightness, softness, water absorption, or air permeability, it is no worse than foreign countries. Many domestic brands of diapers are more safe, comfortable and cost-effective. . With the full liberalization of the two-child policy, the effect of the 'baby boom' has begun to appear. Therefore, buying diapers for children has become one of the most important daily expenses for many parents. However, in recent years, incidents of babies being injured due to the use of unqualified diapers have frequently appeared in the newspapers. Therefore, even if the price of foreign brand diapers is mostly 2 to 3 yuan per piece, there are even 4 to 5 yuan per piece; while the price of Chinese brand diapers is mostly 1 to 2 yuan per piece, parents will also choose more. More expensive foreign products, feel safe to use.

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