Does the softer the diaper pursue, the better the quality?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-09-28
As the baby gets older, the amount of activity increases and so does the amount of urine. Absorbing baby's urine is the main function of diapers. In the selection of stretch pants, good diapers usually absorb water quickly and have a large absorption capacity. The absorbent core layer is the key structural part of the diaper's absorption capacity. The absorbent core layer is mainly composed of a mixture of SAP and wool pulp wrapped in a non-woven fabric. SAP is a polymeric water-absorbent resin that can absorb hundreds or even thousands of times its own weight. Normal quality baby diapers will be softer, choose diapers that must be soft so as not to hurt the baby's soft skin, and the waist patch should also be soft, some diapers are as hard as tape, and it will wipe off the skin on the baby's thighs . The diaper is very soft and feels very comfortable. This skin-friendly diaper is good for your baby. Babies' skin is more sensitive, if you don't use poor quality ones, you will be allergic. The diaper is made of non-woven fabric made of hot air material, which makes the baby healthier and will not harm the baby's skin. In addition, the analysis of the demand for baby diapers of different ages is also different. How to choose the right diaper is very important for mother and baby, because it is not only a good helper for mother, but also a close companion for baby. Diapers usually come with a model and an appropriate weight scale, and most mothers choose diapers based on their baby's weight. In fact, in addition to the reference value of this weight, when buying diapers, mothers also need to pay attention to the physical characteristics of their babies during this period. Personal items must be soft enough not to rub against each other, leaving red marks and signs of bondage.
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