Diapers at home and abroad have begun an intelligent process

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-04

There is only unexpected, nothing impossible. Baby diapers at home and abroad have begun an intelligent process. The emergence of products such as urine wetness reminders, urine display reminders, and talking diapers have greatly subverted consumers' previous concepts. The strangeness, fun, convenience and practicality of the products have aroused consumers' attention and desire to buy. The diaper market is a traditional industry, and the traditional industry must constantly seek changes, and it cannot be complacent, so that the industry can remain young forever.

talking diapers

The American diaper brand Stiles launched the 'Talking Diaper Insert'. After the diaper absorbs enough urine or the baby defecates, it can intelligently remind parents that it is time to change the diaper without any sensor head, metal wire, etc. Intelligent diapers and diapers ensure that parents can keep track of the baby's condition at any time.

urine display reminder

Most domestic brands now have a urine display reminder design. At present, there are two types of urine display reminders commonly used in the market, namely, hot-melt urine display glue and ink urine display. For example, in the new diaper products launched by some brands at this exhibition, they set cute cartoon urine display patterns on the diapers, and when the diapers should be changed, the cartoon dolls will automatically disappear; or the diapers are full of urine. , the cartoon pattern will appear.

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