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by:ECO BOOM     2022-09-28
In recent years, with the improvement of consumption and the change of consumption concept, people's acceptance of domestic diaper brands has become higher and higher, which is undoubtedly closely related to the improvement of the strength and quality of domestic brands. As one of the Chinese diaper brands, ECO BOOM has been in the mother and baby industry for more than 20 years, and has always focused on research and development of diapers suitable for Chinese babies. And diapers quickly came out of the circle with their high-quality, good-looking and easy-to-use characteristics, won the favor of many customers, and won a good reputation from word of mouth. In 2020, diapers entered the TOP10 of Maochao & JD's self-operated industry, which is a testimony of its strength and quality. Selected raw materials, light and breathable, protect baby's skin health in all directions Product packaging, the whole process has a set of high strict standards of production process guidelines, all-round guarantee of high quality standards for each piece of diapers. Take the light and thin duckling diaper as an example, in terms of thickness, this diaper is 20% less than the cool old diaper, and the absorption is increased by 30%. Each bump on its 3D surface is covered with 12 breathing holes, so that the air can circulate and quickly take away the hot moisture, so that the baby can use it more comfortably; It can effectively avoid the appearance of abrasions and redness caused by the lack of air circulation, and gently care for the baby's skin health. It can be said that it is the best choice for newborn parents and mothers. Large absorption, multiple locks of water, and care for the baby's delicate skin The absorption is one of the factors that customers often consider when choosing diapers, and the absorption is directly related to the core technology and raw materials used inside the diaper. The diaper adopts the suspended core process, which can realize multi-faceted instant absorption, effectively prevent side leakage, and its absorption capacity is larger and faster, and it can undertake 6 times of baby's urine output. In addition, it can also lock water multiple times. When the urine passes through the 3D diversion channel, it will quickly distribute and infiltrate. After being absorbed by the double-layer Japanese SAP polymer material, it can quickly lock the urine without re-seepage, bringing the baby a dry environment, and take care of your baby's delicate skin. Widened waist design, soft and close to the skin. In addition to high-quality product quality, diapers have a childlike appearance design, which has always been loved by mothers. It is worth mentioning that the light and thin ducklings also widen 10 elastic waists, which are 10% wider than conventional diapers, which will not make the baby feel bound and tight, and allow the baby to play wherever and whenever he wants. Shaping quality with professionalism, Shuangran has applied for more than 200 patents. Next, it will continue to deepen customer needs, continue to grind products, and create a reliable domestic brand of diapers, so that every carefully produced Shuangran diaper fits better. Natural, healthier and more comfortable, so that mothers can buy with confidence and babies can use them comfortably. The most worrying thing for parents is to see that the diapers are so thick, covering their buttocks in the summer, is the child very uncomfortable? The structure of the diaper is composed of an inner skin-friendly layer, a middle water absorbent structure, and an outer water barrier layer. While absorbing a lot of child's pee, it can also keep the child's little butt cool and comfortable. Compared with traditional diapers, the water absorption will be stronger. For children who can't urinate independently, diapers are simply not too convenient! Of course, if the temperature rises to 37°C, 38°C and 40°C after a period of time, and the air conditioner is still not turned on, let alone diapers, it will be hot even if you take it off. In summer, the room temperature is controlled at about 25 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, which is the most comfortable. Some people think that the child is so delicate and the bones are constantly developing. Will wearing diapers for a long time affect the development of the hip joint? Diapers are only a soft material, and they will deform when they are pinched with both hands. Although the child is delicate, it will not affect the development of bones. Currently known hip dysplasia is mostly congenital factors. This is undoubtedly the biggest pot on the back of diapers. Many parents blame diapers for their children's red buttocks. In fact, the diaper itself will not cause red buttocks. The real reason is mostly the improper care of the buttocks and the untimely replacement, which leads to the stimulation of the small buttocks by urine and stool. In this way, it may be my parents' pot.
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