Choose a suitable diaper manufacturer according to the baby's requirements

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-18

Good diapers are absorbent, comfortable and fit. It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But when you walk past the diaper aisle at the supermarket, you know that there are far more choices than there are fingers and toes of a newborn baby. But when you know what you need, it is not difficult to find diapers that suit your baby.
First of all, you need to determine the size of the diapers used by the baby. The size of the diaper manufacturer is based on the baby's weight. There are two ways to judge whether your baby needs to choose a larger size of diapers: one is the baby's weight gain; the other is that the diapers that the baby is currently using are getting soggy and even leaking urine. Larger diapers can absorb more wetness. My son Henry uses size M diapers, but I recently changed him to size L because his pajamas feel wet to the touch every morning. Now he uses L-size diapers and feels very dry.
All night diapers, you also need to buy all night diapers. During the day, no matter when your baby's diapers are wet or pooping, you can change them in time. But at night, your baby may spend a lot of time in soiled diapers.
Overnight diapers can effectively absorb more urine for a longer period of time than regular diapers. Soft and well-absorbent diapers can quickly absorb the wetness on the baby's buttocks, keep the skin dry, and the baby will not cry.
Watch out for red indentations left by diapers. If your baby has red indentations on her belly or thighs, her diapers are too tight or too small. Once you change to a larger size, look for any itchy areas where your baby is rubbing, which means that her diaper may not fit well. Pay attention to your baby's restlessness When the clothes or underwear don't fit well, the baby will show restlessness. If your newborn is showing signs of distress, check her diapers, she may be uncomfortable due to the size of diapers used. Try a diaper one size up or down to see if your baby is calm again.

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