Can't meet the baby's next wearing needs

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-17

During the golden period of baby's growth and development, as the weight continues to increase, the choice of baby diaper size cannot be compromised. In addition to the characteristics of fat thighs of Asian babies, the small-sized diapers in the overlapping area may be just enough for babies to wear or have red strangle marks, which shows that the existing diaper sizes actually cannot meet the baby's next wearing needs.

If babies in this period buy just-fit diapers, their legs may no longer be suitable, and the baby's waist and hips will be in a tight state for a long time, which will greatly violate their growth laws. At this time, it is particularly important to choose large-size diapers. It is also very unwise and irrational to keep the baby in uncomfortable developmental conditions for a long time for the sake of cheapness and small benefits.

Size overlap, that is, the weight standard value coverage of various sizes marked on the outer packaging of baby diapers overlaps, and this has also become a difficult point for novice parents to choose diaper sizes. For example, the M size is suitable for 7-11kg babies, while the L size is suitable for 10-14kg, and the 10-11kg baby is just within the overlapping range of the two sizes. Why does this happen? Could it be a printing error? How to choose this?

From a professional point of view, each overlapping weight range of baby diapers is unavoidable and unavoidable. Because each overlapping weight range represents a golden transition period for the baby's rapid growth and development, and a large change in body shape is also a critical period for weight growth.

As the baby continues to grow, the overlap of baby diaper size and weight coverage can help the baby comfortably and perfectly pass through the growth and development period, so as not to restrict the baby's waist, leg and hip development, to meet the baby's growth and development changes, and to give the baby the best This is a scientific and natural law.

In this regard, experts from the Infant and Child Research Institute suggest that users should choose freshman diapers during this important golden transition period of growth and development, which can better meet the needs of the baby's growth and development at this stage.

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