Baby powder is not suitable for all babies

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-31

How many diapers to keep on hand, the question mothers often ask is 'how many diapers do I need?' Under normal circumstances, babies will soil diapers every few hours, so you need to change about five diapers a day. You'll also want to put extra diapers in a diaper bag, or at the house of relatives and friends you frequent. Types of diapers Standard disposable diapers can meet daily needs, and some diapers are more professional.
How to use diapers
1. Apply oil and ointment before use, and if you use a large amount of baby powder, the baby is likely to inhale it, which will damage the baby's health. Therefore, baby powder is not suitable for babies of this age, and parents should use it with caution. Parents can buy diaper creams such as vaseline oil and zinc oxide ointment on the market, rub them on the baby's skin surface, and use them together with diapers to keep the baby's skin from being moist. Pay attention to the use of baby powder, although baby powder can make the baby's skin dry and very comfortable, but once excreted, baby powder will be wet and will no longer work.
2. Prepare the necessary supplies and take away the used diapers first. If the baby is found to defecate, wash the baby's lower body with warm water and a towel. If it is not clean, you must use mild soap to wash it, and then dry it , apply ointment or oil, and finally put on new diapers. When changing to new diapers, it is recommended to prepare all supplies in advance, such as smeared ointment or oil, clean diapers, soft towels and warm water, etc.
3. Change diapers frequently, so that the baby's skin will be dry and healthy, and will not suffer from various diseases. In order to better protect the baby's skin, diapers should be changed frequently. It is best to use products with large absorption capacity and good absorption effect.

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