Baby diaper rankings analyze the components of diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-29
The materials of diapers are relatively diversified, most of which are made of non-woven fabrics, paper, straw pulp, SAP and other materials, and are disposable products. The baby diapers list is divided into special for children and special for adults. The latest new product launched by scientists is made of coarse grain fiber such as corn, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable. At present, the most popular among mothers are Pampers' various series of diapers. The most likely culprit is diaper rash. More than half of babies aged 4-15 months will get diaper rash (approximately when they start eating solid foods). Diaper rash can develop when your baby spends too much time in soiled, wet diapers. Redness and rashes may appear on your baby's abdomen, genital area, and in the creases of his thighs. Diaper rash is nothing to worry about. For prevention, change diapers frequently, clean your baby's skin with soft baby wipes or spray with water, and gently dry. You can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to protect the baby's skin. If rashes have occurred, you can apply a thick layer of zinc oxide or petroleum jelly, and expose the baby's buttocks to the air frequently, so that the rash will be between 48 and 72 Gone in hours! If it doesn't go away after this time, or if your baby's skin starts to sore or bleed, contact your pediatrician. The composition and structure of diapers, diapers are mostly composed of the following parts: surface wrapping layer, absorbent core layer and base fabric. 1. Usually, most of the best-selling diapers in various shopping malls and supermarkets are non-woven fabrics. After wearing them, babies will not feel too much irritation. They are soft, friendly and warm. Baby. Surface wrapping layer, the surface wrapping layer can keep the child's body dry, quickly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. 2. In the supermarkets, the absorbent cores of the diapers we usually see are mostly layered, and are made of super absorbent resin and pure wood pulp. Absorbent core layer, the main absorbent layer is to use its capillary force to disperse the baby's urine to the entire surface layer, so as to quickly absorb, disperse and finally store the urine. 3., because it is more comfortable and softer. Base fabric, affected by price factors, the bottom of domestic best-selling diapers is mainly composed of breathable polyethylene film composed of polymer organic compounds, while non-woven diapers have begun to be used abroad.

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