Baby diaper manufacturers wholesale tell you that we need to learn to respect children

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-31

Baby diaper manufacturers wholesale tell you that when every child is a little over one year old, he will have feelings of shame and self-esteem about his own excretion. Many children in this age group don't want others to see their bowel movements, but they have to hide in a place that avoids people and stop quietly. This is also one of the signs that they are psychologically mature and acceptable for toilet exercise.
If you respect the child, before he can control his bowel movements, use diapers to give him the freedom to defecate, which will protect his sense of shame and self-esteem. On the contrary, if adults ask children to defecate in public, they will curb their sense of shame, kill their self-esteem, and gradually develop their disrespect for their own bodies, and then disrespect for others and public property. From the time children can walk, they should gradually form a sense of respect for their private body parts, and learn not to expose themselves in front of others. This is not only self-esteem, but also the minimum courtesy to others. The absorption capacity is large, which can reduce the frequency of changing and will not disturb the sleeping baby. And fast absorption can reduce the time that urine is in contact with the skin, which naturally reduces the chance of the baby suffering from diaper rash. Breathable and not stuffy Breathability is an important condition for maintaining baby's tender skin. Therefore, choosing diapers requires 'easy-to-use' reference standards: fit and warm. The most important thing is that the diapers that the baby wears every day fit the body. The diapers with elastic design can well cooperate with the baby's activities and prevent red marks and friction. Dry and non-rewetting If the bottom is always in contact with the wet surface, the baby must be uncomfortable and prone to diaper rash.

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