Baby diaper manufacturers | The difference between diapers and diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-30

Maybe many people think that diapers and diapers are the same, and they are all for babies. Originally, although the previous functions of the two are very similar, their characteristics are different, so the two cannot be compared. And today let the baby diaper manufacturer distinguish the difference between diapers and diapers for you.

1. Diapers: What is a diaper? Its design is that there are buckles at both ends. It has a large water absorption capacity, a breathable outer layer and can prevent back seepage. The thickness is suitable and the baby is very comfortable when using it. The most notable feature of diapers is that the water absorption and storage capacity are very large, and the price is relatively cheap, but it sometimes leaks urine.
2. From the perspective of comfort, diapers are very good, but diapers have higher air permeability.
3. The fastness of diapers is relatively fast when worn on the body, but diapers are relatively easy to fall off.

It turns out that the emergence of diapers has brought great convenience to many parents. It not only saves time, but also ensures the cleanliness of the baby's buttocks, making the baby more comfortable to wear. But in the process of using diapers, we are also very careful, and today let the editor of the baby diaper manufacturer teach you how to use diapers more scientifically.

1. Pay attention to the replacement frequency of diapers: this is mainly determined by the frequency and amount of urination of the baby, so you should pay attention to it in general.
2. It is best not to use diapers for 24 hours: Although diapers are convenient and clean, which saves many mothers more troubles, it is also necessary to pay attention not to let the baby use diapers for 24 hours during use, because the moisture in the diapers is heavy, The temperature is high, so it is very easy for the baby to have prickly heat. Therefore, we usually prefer diapers and diaper replacements.
3. It is best for babies over the age of 2 to stop using diapers: because babies over the age of two can already go to the bathroom on their own, they don't need to use diapers.

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