Babies need to choose different diapers in stages

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-28

Babies need to choose different diapers in stages:

1. Age (below 5 months): Warm and soft, choose breathable and non-irritating baby diapers. Babies have just come into this world, and their skin is very fragile, so they have high requirements for diapers, and comfort and softness are the most important considerations. It is recommended to choose diapers with a soft covering layer. This kind of diapers is soft and natural, and cares for the baby's tender skin. It also effectively blocks the hard objects in excrement, prevents the baby's sensitive skin from being damaged, and the covering layer also plays a nourishing role. Since the newborn baby does not form a regular excretion cycle, it is difficult for parents to change the diapers in time after the baby is excreted. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent skin diseases, parents should choose diapers that care for the skin. Not only pay attention to whether it can absorb a large amount of urine, but also choose suitable diapers for the baby according to the baby's skin condition and weather.

2. Age (6-12 months): It is close-fitting and leak-proof. It is recommended to choose a leak-proof design in a targeted manner to avoid leakage due to excessive movements of the baby during activities. It should also be noted that parents should choose diapers that can be adjusted according to the baby's waist circumference, so that the baby can be more relaxed and free. Babies at this stage are learning to crawl. As the baby grows, the range of motion becomes larger and larger. Babies will swing back and forth and do exercises with a relatively large range of motion.

3. Age (after one year old): Diapers that are too wide will hinder the baby from walking, while diapers that are too tight will cause friction on the inside of the baby's legs, causing skin damage. So at this time, mothers have to think more about whether the size of the diaper is appropriate, and whether the cutting and design are in place. The right size, this time the baby is in the toddler stage, and is gradually growing and developing.

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