Are diapers stuffy and airtight?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-01
Will diapers be stuffy and airtight? Isn’t it similar to feminine sanitary napkins? Some mothers have cut diapers and sanitary napkins to compare them, and it can be said that the difference is very big. Diapers have diversion strips, so that urine can be dispersed throughout the diaper instead of being concentrated in a lump. The sanitary napkin has only a small area, and the secretions are concentrated near the private parts. Diapers are made of cotton and absorbent particles, while sanitary napkins are usually made of cotton. Some ultra-thin and breathable sanitary napkins also have particles, which are more comfortable than cotton. The biggest difference is that the outer layer of the sanitary napkin is a plastic film. In order to prevent leakage, it is also this film that makes people feel stuffy. And diapers don't, so when we touch the baby's diapers, the outer layer is always wet, but the inside is dry. As for the summer, is it necessary to change the light and thin diapers? This is necessary. If you are basically in an air-conditioned room, you can relax the requirements appropriately, because the sultry environment in summer will make the baby's crotch even hotter. For more frequent replacement, proper drying of small butts is essential. First, pay attention to the design of the waist and waist stickers. Some diapers are designed with a 360-degree elastic waist circumference and waist stickers. The baby can turn left and right to fit the body freely. Second, pay attention to the design of leak-proof partitions. Choose the kind of elastic double leak-proof diapers, which not only has strong elasticity, but also minimizes the irritation to the baby's delicate skin and will not cause red marks on the baby's thighs. When you need more space for exercise, you can use pull-up pants, which are easy to put on and take off like small underwear.
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