Answers to questions about the use of paper diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-16

Some mothers have some problems in the process of using diapers. Let's answer this question for mothers.

Diapers affect genital development?

Expert Comments: It is unscientific to say that diapers (diapers, diapers) affect the development of children's genitals. But don't be greedy for convenience and let your baby wear diapers 24 hours a day. After all, the moisture in the diapers is heavy and the temperature is high, which can easily cause prickly heat or eczema. It is best for newborns to use diapers and paper diapers alternately. After one and a half years old, the baby can be trained to defecate by himself.

Can crotch pants cause vulvovaginitis?

Expert Comments: Open crotch pants can be worn until one and a half years old, because as children grow up and come into contact with more things, wearing open crotch pants will cause many problems. Open crotch pants make the baby's butt less a defense. Without the protection of clothes or diapers, foreign objects invade the body, which can easily cause direct bacterial infection. When the child will say that there is a need to defecate, it is best not to wear pants with open crotch.

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