Answers to questions about baby wearing diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-01

Many parents pay special attention to baby products, because if there is any adverse effect on the baby, it will be distressing. Diapers are daily necessities for babies, and they are used a lot. In order to solve the questions of parents, let me answer them below.

Is it okay for babies to wear diapers? Will it cause O-shaped legs?

There are many factors that cause O-shaped legs, but it is mainly caused by calcium deficiency in the baby's own body, and has nothing to do with the use of diapers. However, it is worth noting that if the baby's diapers are not replaced in time, the longer the time, the more urine will flow to the left and right sides of the diaper and expand. At this time, the baby's legs will involuntarily expand outward. The awareness of the outward expansion of the inner thighs will not only affect the future walking, but also not conducive to the development of the baby's bones. Therefore, parents can choose diapers that expand in the front and rear directions.

Is it okay for babies to wear diapers? Will it affect the baby's ability to hold back urine?

Under normal circumstances, a baby will not be able to control defecation and urination freely until he is about 3 years old, but before that, especially before one and a half years old, the baby's ability to control urine and urine is very limited. Very limited, this is because the baby's brain function is not yet fully developed, the inhibitory ability to the basic urination center is weak, and the urethral sphincter and anal sphincter that control defecation and urination by themselves are also immature. In other words, even if you don't wear diapers, the baby still has to pee, because these are determined by the baby's physical development.

As many other mothers have said, if you pee successfully, it doesn't mean that the baby will hold back the pee. It may just be because you have identified the time when the baby urinates.

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