Analysis on the wholesale material characteristics of breathable polyethylene film baby diaper manufacturers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-17

Look for leaks When you notice that your baby's diaper is not fully absorbing the wetness, it's time to change to a larger diaper. If the diaper slips off her belly, or doesn't completely cover her bottom, it means the diaper is too small. Diapers that are too small are prone to leakage.
Preventing the dreaded blowout A baby blowout is every mother's worst fear. The baby's body, clothes, hair, and even your body are all covered with baby's poo. What if your baby's diapers don't fit well enough to fully absorb her poop? Change the diapers to a bigger size. Baby diaper manufacturers wholesale, when the muscles at the end of the large intestine are tense, causing stool to not pass normally, constipation occurs. When stool remains at the end of the large intestine, it becomes tighter and drier, making passage through the anus painful. No Poop Just like adults, babies don't have the same frequency of bowel movements. Just like adults, babies can also be constipated.
If you suspect your baby is constipated, ask your pediatrician and give your baby a small amount of water or prune juice. Babies on solids may need more high-fiber foods, such as raisins, peas, and whole grains, and less rice, bananas, or low-fiber cereals. Symptoms of constipation vary according to the age of the baby. Newborns may have hard stools less than once a day. Older babies may go three or four days without a bowel movement.
Because the sweat glands of babies' skin are only 1/2 the size of adults, or even smaller, although the area of ​​the baby's skin is much smaller than that of adults, the amount of sweating is almost the same as that of adults. Therefore, when the ambient temperature increases, it is difficult to control the temperature of the skin. If the moisture and heat cannot be properly exposed, it is easy to produce heat rash and diaper rash. Therefore, parents should choose diapers with breathable polyethylene film, so that the diapers contain many tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye, which can discharge the sultry moisture on the baby's buttocks without leaking urine. In addition, diapers with a breathable film are also very soft.

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