Adjust the replacement frequency according to the season

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-18

The changing time of diapers is also related to the season, which most parents don't know. Because in summer, the weather is relatively hot, and the baby is prone to sweating, especially with a diaper on the buttocks, which is the most likely to cause him to have red buttocks, so in summer, it usually takes two hours. Replace it for your baby. In autumn, because the weather is relatively cool, the baby is not easy to sweat. Parents can extend the use time according to the baby's urine output. Although the baby will not have red buttocks in autumn, parents are choosing diapers for him. At the same time, it is still necessary to choose diapers with strong air permeability and strong absorption, so that he will not feel stuffy.

When many novice mothers use diapers for their babies, they don't know how to judge whether the diapers should be changed, so they will take them off for their babies every once in a while to have a look. In fact, mothers don’t need to tell whether the baby’s diapers need to be changed in this way, because most diapers have two or three lines with a very light color on the back, which is what we call the urine display line. Its function is to use Judging whether the baby's diaper is full of urine, if it is full, the urine display will change color, so Baoma can change the baby's diaper through the urine display.

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